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Eco-friendly burials in a modern space

Currant is on a mission to popularize current forms of burial in the US. To do so, we'll start in Pittsburgh, PA and expand nationwide. Currant will become the first ever modern cemetery hub in the United States.

Innovative burials, sleek memory house design, and biodegradable materials are just the beginning. Currant will become the new norm, saving space and the environment. Plus, it will serve as an enjoyable place to hang out, grab a coffee, take a walk, and more! 

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Discover Currant

Eco-friendly, green burials in modern spaces. Join the movement across the US.

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Innovative Burials

We will keep abreast of all the modernization strides in the burial world. Biodegradable urns? You got it. We'll be the first to know and offer new services that will work for any situation and preference. Help the earth and help your peace of mind. Check out Bios Urn, Capsula Mundi, Promessa, and The Living Urn for some ideas.

Modern Hubs

Why are graveyards so often unkempt and downright spooky? We simply can't let them be known for scary stories anymore. While we wouldn't mind being the subject of a ghost tale around a campfire, it's important for lives to be memorialized in a clean, welcoming environment. Modern Currant hubs will be a place where anyone will want to go and have a nice day.

Memory Houses

Learn more about the loved ones who reside at Currant Cemeteries! Memory houses are buildings designed to display the history of your loved ones in a modern, accessible way.

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