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5 of the Best New Podcasts in 2020

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

2020 has been the year of needing to de-stress. These are podcasts coming to you new this year from a range of creators and in a variety of fields. Have a new podcast you love to binge and isn't on the list? Leave it in the comments!

A strange new podcast about death actually comes to you from Currant! The host of How to Bury a Body, Beth (rhymes with Death), is bringing you brand new episodes on topics like:

- Haunted cemetery stories

- Weirdest true crime stories involving burying a body

- Green burials and modernized cemeteries

- Interviews

- Death omens

- And more!

Check out the trailer now (and tune into new weekly episodes).

*Want to sponsor How to Bury a Body? Email us at!*

Brought to you by the hugely popular YouTube channel, Jubilee, Radical Empathy is a podcast delving deeper into the human experience. "At a moment when we feel more divided than ever, this podcast sets out to find the common threads that are shared between even the most distant perspectives." It's also another podcast!

You're probably familiar with Lore hosted by Aaron Mahnke. And you may be familiar with the infamous alien abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill. What do the two have in common, you ask? They come together in this new podcast, Strange Arrivals. Aaron Mahnke's production company, Grim and Mild, has worked on this new project along with the narrator and host, Toby Ball. It's worth a listen (whether you've already heard the story or not!).

Abduct your mind with Strange Arrivals now.

It's not Phoebe from Friends, but it is the ever-popular voice of Phoebe Judge from Criminal! Ever wish that soothing yet attention-keeping voice could narrate your favorite mystery fiction stories? Well, now's your chance to listen to just that.

Introducing: Phoebe reads a mystery (the podcast and a much better option than an audio book).

Netflix and TikTok are arguably the platforms with the most screen time, especially as of late. What do they have in common? OnlyJayus! She's the host of Know It All: short-form, fun-fact-heavy podcast episodes about psychological and human anomalies (as well as things we all have in common). Sound interesting? That's because it is. It very slightly promotes new Netflix shows, so don't let that turn you off. In fact, it may let you know about a show you didn't know you would've been interested in before Jayus (aka Bella Avila) told you so. Is she using psychology tricks? You'll never know, but you also won't care.

Check out Know It All here.

Bonus: The Not Neurotypical Podcast

While not necessarily new in 2020, Not Neurotypical is a fairly new podcast. It follows the journey of Laura Zdan and her experience with receiving a late diagnosis of autism. It's fascinating, educational, and down-right human. Check it out here.

Another Bonus: Spooked

Also not new, but in sort of a new format, we have Spooked (from NPR's Snap Judgement). Last year, they extended the scary stories hosted by Glynn Washington well before the Halloween season. We couldn't be happier that they're doing that again for 2020. So we thought we would include them in this roundup of the best new podcasts this year.

Again, have a podcast you think the Currant audience would enjoy? Leave it in the comments! Happy listening.

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