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The Ultimate List of Ethical Handbags

Updated: Nov 26

The phrase "ethical handbags" likely means something different to everyone. In this list, you will find a variety of handbag brands, products, suppliers, resellers, etc. that fall somewhere in the following categories:

  1. Vegan

  2. Cruelty-free

  3. Ethical labor practices

  4. Charitable

  5. Eco-friendly

  6. Sustainable

  7. Recycled

  8. Recyclable

  9. Fair-trade

  10. Ethically-sourced products

This is by no means an exhaustive list, BUT it will be as comprehensive as possible. Please leave your suggestions in the comments! Pricing is accurate at the time of posting. Always check website details before purchase.

Each listed item will have info to reflect the brand's ethical stance. Again, always check the website for details! For instance, a brand may have vegan bags but not be clear on their environmental impact or labor practices. They will still be included on this list, but will only be marked as vegan. Let's get to the cute purses and handbags!


Svala Natural Vegan Cork Crossbody - $245

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, Svala bags are unique AND vegan! They use natural materials (like the cork bag pictured) to create stunning styles. Plus, they come in an organic cotton dust bag.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan; Cruelty-free; Environmentally conscious; Ethical labor practices; Water conserving; Eluxe Awards Vegan Brand of the Year 2020

Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood Phoebe Crossbody - $65

I was first introduced to this brand through a FabFitFun box ad on Instagram. I was enamored with the classic designs and creamy, pastel colors. They come in all shapes and sizes and are ETHICAL AND VEGAN! What more could you want?

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan; cruelty-free; charitable; sustainable


Not only is it hard to find vegan leather brands out there, but it's also hard to find trendy, edgy, vegan handbag brands! This one from FiveloveTwo on Amazon is one that I've personally purchased, and it is GORGEOUS. It is well-made and much bigger than you would expect (take a look at the extra pictures!).

Type: Amazon retailer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan

Matt & Nat

These luxury vegan bags often go on sale up to 50%! They're vegan, sleek, stylish, and affordable. Learn more about their ethics and sustainability on the site.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan; recycled lining (plastic bottles); ethical materials; cruelty-free; ethical labor practices

Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith has a variety of handbags that are affordable and trendy. They partner with organizations like the Red Cross and have eco-conscious lines of bags.

Read more about Charles & Keith's efforts toward sustainability on the site.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan; recycled materials; ethical labor practices; sustainability; charitable; environmentally-conscious


The Sak created Sakroots: eco-conscious bags with fun patterns. They even have an eco-friendly section on their site, featuring the "Ecotwill" material. They also have vegan leather options for a more streamlined look.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan; eco-friendly


This super cute Mandalorian 'The Child' crossbody is vegan leather, made in the US, and officially licensed! Buckle-Down has several licensed products, from horror and bands (our favs) to pop culture icons and Mickey Mouse. Known for their belt buckles, they also have some really cute, casual, vegan leather bags.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan (certain products); US-based factories

Ash & Rose

When browsing Ash & Rose accessories, you can even "shop by impact"! It's a filter system that allows you to narrow your search down by terms like "vegan", "fair trade", "cruelty-free" and more. How cool is that?

Type: Boutique

Ethical Appeal: Sourced from ethical, sustainable brands; Vegan (varies by product)


Zatchels has been in the leather business for a long time. While we don't personally love real leather, if that's your top choice, Zatchels is the way to go! They source high-quality leather for their stunning, British, handmade, vintage-inspired satchel bags.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Handmade in England; ethically sourced leather from Clyde Leather

Lux Lair

The Lux Lair selection of designer handbags comes at a cheaper price due to stocking unsold inventory. This cool, graffiti-style New York City Erin Medium Backpack is made of vegan faux leather!

Type: Reseller of new goods

Ethical Appeal: Vegan options; Less landfill waste

U.S. Polo Assn.

This name is probably familiar to you, and they are also at a nice price point! But did you know that U.S. Polo Association bags are made of faux leather? They look and feel luxurious, but are animal-free.

*Fun fact: I used to think that U.S. Polo Assn. stood for U.S. Polo Assassin. I still say it in my head.*

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan


If you've seen the bags with the little monkey charms hanging off the side, you've seen Kipling! They're iconic. You can even customize some of their bags! And keep an eye out for cool collabs like the one pictured with Coca-Cola.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Made of recycled polyester

Dallas Designer Handbags

Dallas Designer Handbags stocks authenticated, pre-loved/used luxury handbags! While not vegan, per se, these are a nod to the impact of upcycling and reusing older goods (rather than purchasing new ones or throwing them away).

Type: Reseller/consignment

Ethical Appeal: Less landfill waste; upcycling encouraged


Rebag is another reseller with pre-loved bags, keeping bags out of landfills and in loving hands! Also not vegan (most mainstream luxury handbags aren't), but at least they are being reused. All bags are authenticated by the Rebag experts.

Type: Reseller/consignment

Ethical Appeal: Less landfill waste; upcycling encouraged

Rice Love

"Buy a bag... feed a family! Every item purchased feeds a family in need." Rice Love produces ethical bags that go to an ethical cause. You can even see the families that you have helped right on the website! Rice Love is an obvious choice for the eco-conscious.

Type: Charity retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Charitable donations for each purchase; Eco-friendly materials (jute/burlap); Vegan; Cruelty-free; Ethical labor practices

Accessorize London

Accessorize ships to the US. They also run their own charitable organization, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust. You can see the impact on the sustainability of communities on their website! Their prices are also extra-affordable.

Type: Charitable retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan (varies by product); Company runs a charity, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust; Furthers sustainability in communities

Current Boutique

We may be a bit biased, but we love their name. Not affiliated with Currant, but ultra-current, is the Current Boutique. It runs as a reseller/consignment store. Pre-loved bags save the environment!

Type: Reseller/Consignment of used goods

Ethical Appeal: Less landfill waste; Encourages upcycling

The Luxury Closet

In their own words, "Be a re-fashion hero one bag at a time... Shop pre-loved." Some of the bags on The Luxury Closet (or TLC for short) have never even been used! Watch for the "Never Used" flag above a product.

Type: Reseller/consignment of new and used goods

Ethical Appeal: Less landfill waste; Encourages upcycling

The Sis Kiss

The Sis Kiss boutique curates their products, so you know you're getting something chic and unique. Check the product to make sure it's made from vegan materials (if that's what you're into), like the trendy, tie-dye, nylon weekender bag shown on the left.

Type: Boutique

Ethical Appeal: Vegan (varies by product)

Joanna Maxham

Designed in New York and produced in small batches in a family-run factory in Poland, Joanna Maxham bags are classic and chic without the (super) high price tag. While they are made of leather, it's ethically sourced (if that's your thing).

Type: Designer/retailer

Ethical Appeal: Ethically sourced hardware and leather; ethical labor practices

Radley London

Shop Radley purses by filtering by leather and non-leather! That's super convenient if you are looking for a vegan bag. Their "Radley Responsible range is crafted with sustainable materials, including recycled nylon (made from plastic bottles!) and water-based PU." Plus, they have a cute little Scottie dog mascot that you can see dangling from somewhere on each bag.

Type: Designer/retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan (varies by product); recycled nylon material; non-toxic PU

Carmen Sol

Carmen Sol has the cutest jelly bags! Be Jelly! Shop their selection of handbags today. "Chic, eco-conscious, and affordable, Carmen Sol is reinventing the jelly as a lifestyle brand. Designed in New York City and made in Italy, all accessories are made of pure jelly material [and they are] rose-scented. The collection includes shoes, handbags, and accessories in 15 vivid colors with eco-friendly packaging."

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan; ethical labor practices; eco-friendly

Lillian Vernon

Lillian Vernon has a plethora of products to choose from, but their bag selection is vegan and able to be personalized! Say no more.

Type: Retailer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan


nuuwaï Vivica bag - $169

APPLE LEATHER. Enough said.

Okay, there's a little more to be said. nuuwaï is a German brand revolutionizing vegan leather by using APPLE PEELS. Trademarked as AppleSkin, it sounds like it could be the next iPhone cover. Instead, it's the material used to make these gorgeous handbags! Learn more on the Nuuwai website.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan; cruelty-free (PETA-approved); eco-friendly; re- and upcycled materials; ethical labor practices

The Vegan Warehouse

Mersi - Ellie Crossbody - $59

The Vegan Warehouse stocks vegan brands of handbags! They do the work for you and find the gorgeous bags. This one on the left by Mersi is one of our favorites (but they also have a convincing Stella McCartney dupe!)

Type: Retailer/boutique

Ethical Appeal: Vegan; Ethical suppliers

Maniere De Voir

Maniere De Voir Corset Bag - $42

Yes, that's a bag! And it's a faux, vegan leather bag, at that. If you're looking for edgy pieces, look no further than Maniere De Voir. (Psst, they're affordable and ship internationally, too!)

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Vegan


CHIKO, while known for its leather shoes, also has a wide selection of unique handbags. Most are made of actual leather, which the site describes as responsibly sourced. The bags and shoes are handmade. There are a couple of vegan synthetic options, like the rainbow watercolor bag pictured to the left.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Environmentally-friendly packaging; responsibly sourced leather (non-vegan); A few vegan options


"Top trends at wholesale price." BAGINC is based in Paris, but they outsource their manufacturing to factories in Asia that can replicate "Hollywood" trends at low prices. This probably means that they don't have ethical labor practices. However, there are some vegan options on the site if you look under "faux leather" in their drop-down search function.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer/fast fashion

Ethical Appeal: Some vegan options

dr. Liza

Bubblegum Shoulder Bag - $199

While these bags are genuine leather, if you're okay with that, they're gorg! Especially the pink with the gold "L" on the front. The leather is high-quality and responsibly sourced. Plus, they're ergonomic and good for your posture! That's a bonus to the sleek style.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer of ergonomic bags

Ethical Appeal: High-quality leather; ethically manufactured in Brazil


KkCo is an unconventional fashion brand focused on community. They don't just make bags, but the bags they do make are quality! The bag on the left is made from 100% heavy cotton canvas, and it was sewn and hand-dyed in Los Angeles, California. Plus, it's tie-dye, and I hope that trend stays here forever.

Type: Retailer/manufacturer

Ethical Appeal: Community-based (recognizes different artists/creators); Ethically made in the US; Vegan (always check specific products); Cruelty-free

Alexandra K

Robert Matthew

Pop Fashion

Stella McCartney


Ten Thousand Villages





Cartwright Bags

Catrinka by Ocelot Market

Krochet Kids intl.

Urban Originals

Maison Hēroïne

Mulberry and Grand

Hobo Bags

Coach Outlet


Poppy & Peonies


Amanda Pearl

Mark Cross


HFS Collective

graf lantz

The Root Collective

Rent the Runway

Bag & Bougie

Solar Eclipse

Dooney & Bourke

CHNGE - tote bags


Passion Lilie - fair-trade tote bags

BEEN London - recycled leather bags

*Disclaimer: Some of the aforementioned products/brands are affiliate links from which the owner of this blog may gain a small commission. This only occurs upon purchase, and is not required to enjoy this blog post. All brands and products have been thoroughly research prior to promotion.

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